Who We Are

Founded in 1983 Shasta County Chemical People is a non-profit seeking the development of a safe, strong community free from racism, violence, alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse.

Our Programs

Our programs are aimed at reducing the amount of at-risk youth in the community by creating positive experiences and relationships for youth.


We love seeing our city impacted but to do that we need your help!

We desire to see youth and citizens empowered to rise up and live a life free of drug and alcohol abuse.

We believe that youth are the future of our community and that change starts with them. That is why we have four evidence-based programs we run at schools THROUGHOUT Shasta County.


Campuses in Shasta County being impacted by our programs


High schoolers serving as mentors


Middle schoolers being mentored


Students belonging to clubs


“It gives students like me a place to belong.”

“As a kid, my family had a lot of troubles. Sometimes I was left alone. I always counted on programs like this to help me find my way through it all. I want to keep these programs alive for kids like me.”

“FNL is important to me because, it is one of the few (possible only) programs in my community that helps to prevent the use of drugs and alcohol in students.”

“Without FNL, I would never have met the friends I have now.”

“I would recommend this to a friend because it brings everyone together.”

“I have been able to experience kids breaking out of their shells and becoming more comfortable with others.”

“The best part is getting to connect with somebody you normally wouldn’t and try to become part of their life and somebody they can trust. It was also great to be able to talk about things in a group that you know you can trust.”

“Mentoring allows us to meet new people and at the same time learn more about leadership and different problems in our community.”

The best part of mentoring is: “Being able to talk about how you feel to someone trustworthy and you get to have fun.”

“I get to take action in my community and change it for the better.”

Meet the team

Betty Cunningham

Executive Director

Cindy Diezsi

Mentoring Coordinator

Cathy Grindstaff

A Sobering Choice Coordinator

Tiffany Boone

Friday Night Live Coordinator

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