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The Shasta County Sober Graduation Program was initiated in 1992 in cooperation with the California Highway Patrol, Redding Office. The program was originally developed by the CHP in 1985 when they realized a large majority of seniors were celebrating their completion of high school with unsupervised parties where alcohol was being provided and consumed. Unfortunately, many of these parties resulted in alcohol related crashes, injuries and deaths. In order to decrease these incidents, the CHP, with local volunteers (parents), established an awareness campaign to include fundraisers, education and prevention activities to decrease DUIs and alcohol-related incidents during the graduation celebrations.

Funds raised in Shasta County are used to hold a "lock-in" type celebration that requires students to stay at the party all night and celebrate this milestone with food, activities, gifts, and supervision. That evening, graduates receive some pretty amazing gifts donated by local businesses and individuals. During each school's grad night celebration, the name of one graduate in attendance is drawn. The names of those seniors are forwarded to the Chemical People and are placed in a county-wide drawing in which one senior receives $3,000.

All funding for this program is raised through donations.

Since its inception in Shasta County, there has not been an alcohol related crash due to a graduation celebration. To bring the Sober Graduation Celebration to your high school or volunteer , please call the Chemical People at 241-5958


Anderson High School

Anderson New Technology High School

Burney Jr/Sr High School

Central Valley High School

Enterprise High School

Fall River Jr/Sr High School

Foothill High School

Shasta High School

University Preparatory School

West Valley High School


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