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Do you know the average age at which a child in Shasta County takes a first drink of alcohol is 13 years? Research shows that young people who drink alcohol before age 25 are 40 times more likely to have on-going issues with alcohol throughout their lives.

In an effort to reduce children’s access to alcohol and other controlled substances, the Redding City Council has passed a Social Host Ordinance that will take effect December 18, 2015.  Adults who host, permit, or allow a gathering where minors consume alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or other controlled substances, could be fined up to $1,000.  An adult who has ownership or control of a premise, or is responsible for organizing a gathering where juveniles are drinking or using controlled substances, could be fined up to $1,000.

Please share this information with other adults and continue to talk with your children about the dangers of alcohol and other drug use among youth.  For more information, call Chemical People at 241-5958


Evidence that SHOs work

  • In communities where social host ordinances have been enacted, law enforcement officers report that the law is a useful tool in addressing underage drinking parties
  • The vast majority of citations for violations of social host ordinances are issued for first offenses
  • Over time, the passage of a social host ordinance results in fewer calls for service for law enforcement
  • Communities with social host ordinances have fewer large underage drinking parties

Benefits of Civil Social Host Ordinances

  • Civil SHOs with strict liability require a lower burden of proof than criminal ordinances
  • Civil SHOs can make enforcement more flexible and efficient
  • Focusing on deterrence, not criminalization, is an effective community tool
  • Civil SHOs can keep cases out of the court system
  • Civil SHOs focus on the home party setting and associated problematic activities, not on an adult’s intention to provide or furnish alcohol to a person under the legal drinking age
  • Strong civil SHOs provide a powerful enforcement tool and fill an important legal gap

Social Host FAQ’s

What is the Social Host Liability Ordinance?

The ordinance holds individuals responsible for hosting, or knowingly providing a place for underage drinking to occur.

Here is a copy of the adopted Social Host Ordinance: City of Redding Ordinance 2537

What is a “Social Host?”

A “Social Host” refers to a person(s) who knowingly allows the possession or consumption of alcohol by underage drinkers on property that he/she owns, leases, or otherwise controls.

How is a Social Host Liability Ordinance different than laws that already exist?

Under current laws it is illegal to furnish alcohol to individuals under the age of 21. However, in a party setting, it is often difficult or impossible to identify who provided the alcohol. Therefore, the new ordinance assigns responsibility to those who knew or should have known that a party, involving underage drinking, was occurring on their property.

What are the civil penalties for violating the proposed Social Host Ordinance?

1. $250.00 for a first violation;

2. $500.00 for a second violation; and

3. $1,000.00 for each additional violation.

How can I avoid breaking the law?

  • Be aware of who is in your home and what they might be bringing to the party.
  • Know who’s at your party. When you let those you don’t know and who may be underage in your house/yard to drink, you are risking violation of this ordinance.
  • If you discover that underage people are drinking at your party, ask them to stop and call their parents.  If they do not cooperate, call law enforcement.


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