Have Unneeded Medications?

Monitor.  Secure.  Dispose.

Track and store medicine in a secure location.

Safely Dispose of unneeded medicine at the locations listed below.

Available Anytime:

Redding Police Department- 855 Cypress Avenue

Anderson Police Department- 2220 North Street

City of Shasta Lake Sheriff's Office- 4488 Red Bluff Street

Shasta County Sheriff's Burney Office- 20509 Shasta Street

Available during business hours:

Owens Pharmacies

2025 Court Street Suite A, Redding

280 Churn Creek Road Suite A, Redding

317 Lake Boulevard Suite B, Redding

2975 East Street, Anderson

Place pills in a ziplock bag. Liquids are accepted if tightly capped. No sharps, please.

For more information visit: www.rxsafeshasta.com or call (530) 225-5410